Troubleshooting Issues

Unable to Install the MyCrypto Desktop Application

When installing apps from third-party developers (like MyCrypto), your operating system may put up a roadblock that attempts to dissuade you from installing it. This roadblock is generally a good thing, as it does help keep users safe from installing harmful applications, though there are instances where the application is not harmful and is simply published by a developer (like MyCrypto) that isn’t officially recognized by that operating system. This article will help you move past this…

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Unable to Connect to Custom Node

For instructions on connecting to your own local Ethereum node with MyCrypto, please see this article. Verify the URL you entered is correct. Verify the port you entered is correct. Verify that if you are connecting to an http:// node, you are running MyCrypto locally (NOT over https://). Verify you are running with: Geth: geth --rpc --rpccorsdomain "*" Parity: parity --jsonrpc-cors "*" You can also run both clients in light client mode, which only downloads the recent state of the…

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