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Lost Private Key

Last updated: October 26th, 2021

MyCrypto is not a "web wallet." You do not create an account or give us your crypto or tokens to hold on to. We are simply an interface that allows you to easily interact with cryptocurrencies.

In order to ensure your security and privacy, no sensitive data is ever saved, stored, or transmitted when you use MyCrypto. We only have access to the information that is publicly available on the blockchain.

Unfortunately, this means we cannot:

  • Recover your private key
  • Access your account
  • Recover or reset your password
  • Reverse or cancel transactions
  • Recover your account
  • Send your cryptocurrency or tokens from one address to another

There may be a chance that you saved it without realizing it. We recommend the following:

  • Do a full search of your computer for "UTC--" and see if the private key shows up.
  • Do a full search of your computer for your address without the 0x at the beginning.
  • If you know when you created it, look through all files during that time period for any documents or screenshots.
  • Try to generate a new address with the MyCrypto desktop application and take a look at the different options you may have downloaded or saved. Sometimes that can jog your memory.

In the future, we highly recommend you print out a paper version of your wallet and keep it in multiple physical locations. You can read more about how to safely back up your wallet here.

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