How to Add a Custom Token

If you can't see a token when you access your address with MyCrypto, you simply need to add it as a custom token to your interface. MyCrypto ships with a list of tokens that it will automatically scan your address for, which is regularly updated. However, it may happen that a new token is not on this list just yet, in which case you will have to manually add it to your interface.

Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MyCrypto interface by following these instructions.

Your tokens should appear if the token is on our token list. If you have a balance, you won't have to load it again — it will automatically load in the future.

Token balances

If you are missing a token, click the "+ Add" button on the left-hand side of the interface, which will bring up the fields below.

Add custom token

Adding a Custom Token

To add a custom token, you will have to find the contract address of the token that you would like to add. You can use Etherscan to find this address.

Copy the Ethereum address that holds the token that you would like to add, and enter it on

Copy address

Click the token balance drop-down, and a list of tokens that your address holds will show up. Click the token that you would like to add to your MyCrypto interface.

Etherscan tokenlist

Then, copy the contract address of this token, highlighted in red.

Etherscan contract address

Enter the symbol (name) of the token in the Symbol field, the contract address in the Address field, and the amount of decimals of the token in the Decimals field. Make sure that the correct network is selected as well.

Custom token fields filled

If there is an issue with adding a custom token, try adding it again but suffixing the name with -1. For example, MYC becomes MYC-1.

Click the Add Token button, and your custom token will now be shown in your interface. You can now interact with it like any other token.

Custom token added

Hiding a Custom Token

You can hide token balances by expanding the Balance Breakdown and clicking the ( - ) icon to hide them. You can un-hide tokens in the Settings page.

Hide token

Hiding tokens will merely remove the visibility of these tokens. It will not delete or remove the token from the address itself.