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Does MyCrypto Support Bitcoin or Other Coins (LTC, XRP, XMR)?

Last updated: October 26th, 2021

MyCrypto supports ETH, ETC, all testnet networks (Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby), any other Ethereum-based network (EWT, UBQ, EXP, POA etc.), and any Ethereum Standard Tokens - also known as "ERC-20" tokens.

You can use Shapeshift.io or another exchange to swap ,convert, or exchange your other coins into ETH or Ethereum tokens. However, you do not send those other coins directly to your Ethereum address.

We recommend Exodus.io as a client-side, multi-coin solution.

MyCrypto supports a lot of ERC-20 tokens by default, however, any missing ERC-20 token can easily be added to your local interface by following these instructions.

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