How to Add a Custom Token

If you can't see a token when you access your address with MyCrypto, you simply need to add it as a custom token to your interface. MyCrypto ships with a list of tokens that it will automatically scan your address for, which is regularly updated. However, it may happen that a new token is not on this list just yet, in which case you will have to manually add it to your interface. Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MyCrypto interface by following these instructions. Your tokens should…

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Showing and Loading Tokens

Upon adding your addresses to your MyCrypto interface, any tokens your addresses hold will automatically be shown in the balance overview. You can also find a list of tokens that your addresses hold in the "Tokens" section, on the left-hand side of the interface. If a token you would like to see or send is not showing up, you will need to add it as a custom token. You can find instructions on how to add a custom token here . Related Articles Adding a Custom Token Receiving Tokens

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How To Receive Tokens

With MyCrypto, it's possible to receive any Ethereum-based token by simply sending it to your Ethereum address. By default, MyCrypto will try to look for the most popular tokens in your address, but it might not always find every single token you own. In this case it's possible to manually add it to your interface . The way that tokens work on the Ethereum blockchain, is that each token is a smart contract, which hold its own data and records. When you 'receive' a token, it basically means…

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