How to Fix Accidentally Inputting Incorrect Custom Token Details

Not a valid ERC-20 token error A Not a valid ERC-20 token error can occur when an incorrect contract address was added as a custom token. Token has 0 balance Be sure to use the correct contract address, not adding the correct contract address will show that you own 0 of the tokens you are trying to add. Token has incorrect balance This happens when you input an incorrect decimal value while entering custom token details. To fix these errors please remove the token from your MyCrypto…

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Unable to See Tokens (How to Add a Custom Token)

If you can't see a token when you access your wallet on MyCrypto, you simply just need to add it to your interface in order to see it and then send it in a transaction. Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MyCrypto interface by following these instructions. After accessing your address, click the "Scan For Tokens" button. Your tokens should appear if the token is on our token list. If you have a balance, you won't have to load it again — it will automatically load in the future. If your…

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