How to Send Tokens From a Mist Multisig Contract


If you're looking to send Ether from a Mist multisig contract, please refer to this article instead.

If you have tokens in a Mist multisig contract, sending them from the contract is slightly more complicated than a regular ETH transaction. In order to send tokens, you need to generate input data for the transaction, and use that as data field for the execute function. Carefully follow the steps below in order to send tokens from your Mist multisig contract.

  • Navigate to the contracts page on MyCrypto.

    • If you are using a private key, keystore file or mnemonic phrase, please use the desktop application instead.
  • Select the Mist Multisig Contract from the drop down menu.

  • Enter your contract address in the "Contract Address Field".

  • Click on "Access".

  • Under "Read / Write Contract," select "execute". You should see a few more input fields.

    • In "_to," enter the address of the token contract for the token you want to send.
    • In "_value," enter 0. This field is for Ether transactions only.
    • Use the tool below to generate data, and enter it in the "_data" field.

Now, you can follow the steps as described in this article, starting from the 7th step under "Sending a Transaction".