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How To Send A Transaction

Last updated: October 26th, 2021

If you plan to move a large amount of Ether or tokens, you should first send a test transaction of a small amount to the destination wallet to ensure everything goes as planned.

Optional, but highly recommended (if you haven't already): Install MetaMask or the EtherAddressLookup Chrome Extension to protect yourself from malicious websites around the crypto-space that will steal your private keys. Or even better, think about getting yourself a hardware wallet. If you have hundreds or thousands of dollars online, you might as well spend a little bit more money to ensure that your funds are safe.

Send Assets button

In your dashboard, after having added your address(es), click the "Send Assets" button.

Details entered

Select the asset that you would like to transfer, the address which you would like to send from, recipient address which you would like to send to, and the amount of the asset which you will be sending.

Transaction fee slider

The transaction fee slider allows you to choose how quickly your transaction is mined. Keep in mind that with a higher value, your transaction will get mined quicker but will cost more too. You can find more info about Gas Price here.

Protected Transactions

Additionally, you can choose to protect your transaction. You can find more info about Protected Transactions here.

Next button

Click the blue "Next" button to proceed.

Sign transaction

Depending on how you initially added the address that you are sending from, you will have to sign the address from your hardware wallet, Web3 or WalletConnect instance.

Confirm send

After signing your transaction, you will get an overview of the transaction that you are about to send. If everything looks good, hit "Confirm and Send".

Your transaction is on its way!

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