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How To Access Your Energy Web Chain Tokens

Last updated: October 25th, 2021

Energy Web Chain ("EWC") is a blockchain designed to be used for the energy sector. Its utility token is Energy Web Token ("EWT") and this article will explain how you can access these tokens using MyCrypto.

EWC is a separate network and blockchain from Ethereum and is not a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The term "token" may cause confusion, but keep in mind that EWT is separate from Ethereum.

Accessing Your Energy Web Tokens

  • Ledger

  • Trezor

  • Private Key/Secret Recovery Phrase/Keystore File

Accessing Your EWTB (Bridged) Tokens

Energy Web has developed the EWT Bridged (EWTB) token, which is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can mint EWTB tokens through its interface which you can find at bridge.energyweb.org. This method allows you to transfer EWT from the Energy Web Chain to the Ethereum blockchain.

If your Ethereum address contains EWTB tokens, you might not see them in your interface right away. In this case, you have to manually add this token as a custom token.

The contract address of EWTB is 0x178c820f862b14f316509ec36b13123da19a6054, you can also find this address on Etherscan.

Adding the EWTB token

After adding this token to your interface, you will be able to see your EWTB and interact with it however you wish. Do keep in mind that you have to be connected to the Ethereum network in order to view and send them.

Custom token added

Accessing the Volta Testnet

To access the Volta testnet, simply choose the Volta network before adding a new account. After accessing your account, you can interact with the Volta network however you'd like.

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