[MyCrypto ➡ Geth] Access Your MyCrypto Account in Geth

Geth files are typically found in the file locations below.

  • Mac:~/Library/Ethereum/keystore
  • Linux:~/.ethereum/keystore
  • Windows:%APPDATA%/Ethereum/keystore

Optionally, you can specify the path through a command line option:

  Directory for the keystore (default = inside the datadir)

Simply copy your file to this folder in order to access it in Geth.


This file is stored wherever you saved it. It was also emailed to you, so check your email inbox and any older email addresses you may have had.

If you are unable to find the file, search for a file called "ethereum_wallet_backup.json." This wallet file is encrypted with the password that you created when you made your presale purchase.

Hopefully, you will find the file and can access it.