Why Am I Getting Random (Airdropped) Tokens in My Wallet?

Lately, a lot of blockchain projects on Ethereum have been 'airdropping' tokens in the wallets of users. This is done to either spread the distribution of tokens, or to advertise the token to users.

The amount of airdropped tokens you receive depends (in a lot of airdrops) on how much Ethereum you had at a specified block. Some airdrops drop the same amount of tokens to everyone.

That said, your Ethereum address is public on the blockchain, this means that everyone is able to send you ETH and/or tokens. If you want to find more information about airdropped tokens you received in your wallet, you can look them up on the internet for more information.

If an airdrop website is asking for your private key, it's a scam and they are trying to steal your coins. Read our guide on Protecting Yourself and Your Funds.