Adding Support for a Web3 Wallet

Identifying Your Provider

If you're a web3 wallet developer or user, you'll definitely want to have people see your name and logo when they browse MyCrypto with your browser:

Web3 on MyCrypto

It's easy to make that happen, just open a pull request with the following changes:

  1. Add a new unique WalletId to src/types/walletId.ts.
  2. Add a new entry to src/config/wallets.ts using the WalletId. Make sure to include a logo (.svg) for your project in src/assets/images/wallets and reference it in the entry.
  3. Add a translation entry in src/translations/lang/en.json for the lid value provided in step 2.
  4. In the getWeb3Config function in src/utils/web3.ts, add a line to detect your wallet type from the Web3 provider, and return the wallet configuration added in step 2.
  5. In WALLET_STEPS in src/components/SignTransactionWallets/index.ts, add a new line for your WalletId and use the default SignTransactionWeb3 component.
  6. Add a new entry for your WalletId to WalletFactory in src/services/WalletService/walletService.ts.

Suggesting Your Provider

If you'd like for us to suggest your Web3 provider during wallet creation or Web3 unlock as an alternative, please reach out to