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How To Create a Pre-Filled Transaction Link

Last updated: March 16th, 2022

Pre-filled transactions can be created by appending certain parameters into the query section of a URL.

Pre-filled transactions are a helpful function that allow for many things, including sending transaction requests to others! Instead of telling someone "Okay, send this amount to this address on this network with this data, etc. etc.," it allows you to take all the criteria for the transaction and package it up into one neat URL that you can send to someone.

If you create a pre-filled MyCrypto transaction URL and send it to someone, they can input the URL into their browser and it'll automatically take them to the MyCrypto send page and fill it out with the specified parameters.


  • queryType - The type of pre-filled transaction (use speedup in most cases).
  • type - The type of the transaction (0 for legacy, 2 for EIP-1559 transactions)
  • gasPrice - The gas price of the transaction (only for legacy transactions) (should be in hex wei format. ex: 0x059682f000).
  • maxFeePerGas The max fee of the transaction (only for EIP-1559 transactions) (should be in hex wei format. ex: 0x059682f000).
  • maxPriorityFeePerGas The max priority fee of the transaction (only for EIP-1559 transactions) (should be in hex wei format. ex: 0x059682f000).
  • gasLimit - The gas limit field of the transaction (should be in hex format. ex: 0xcb56).
  • chainId - The chainid of the network the transaction should be conducted on (ex: 1).
  • value - The value of the transaction (should be in hex wei format. ex: 0x8AC7230489E80000).
  • nonce - The nonce field of the transaction (should be in hex format. ex: 0xD8).
  • to - The to address of the transaction.
  • from - The from address of the transaction (should correspond to one of the accounts you have added to your dashboard).
  • data - The data field of the transaction (should be in hex format. ex: 0xa9059cbb0000000000000000000000005dd6e754d37bababeb95f34639568812900fec79000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000104f6e0a229913de8a2).


ETH Transaction - EIP-1559


ERC-20 Transaction - EIP-1559


ETH Transaction - Legacy


ERC-20 Transaction - Legacy


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